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Considering Joining FFF?

Postby Fishin' Fool » Tue Feb 01, 2011 11:13 am

First and foremost, this board is a community. If you are a lurker looking for new honey holes, please leave now. If you want to meet some really good people who love fishing, come on in. If you are a visitor to the Alberta Outdoorsmen or Ice Shanty forums, you'll probably recognize a few faces.

The second rule is "Respect your fellow members." No snarky comments when someone keeps fish for a meal or when a picture with some blood is posted. If you don't like how someone is holding a fish, keep it to yourself. We are all big kids here and if someone wants advice, he will ASK for it. Joking around and giving each other a rough time is all part of the fun, but rudeness or personal attacks will not be tolerated.

That's about it as far as rules.

A few more notes:

-I get a lot of spambots trying to join the forum. Usually they are easy to spot because they have strange sounding user names and email addresses. If your attempt to sign up doesn't work, I probably thought your name or email looked suspicious.

-this forum is for adults, so there may be swearing or dirty jokes etc. If this bothers you, you probably shouldn't be here.

FF :mrgreen:
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